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The Revival of crafted letters

Overview of the revival of Signwriting in its newest form

A fair amount has been written about the recent resurgence in interest in the craft of signwriting. In the past 5 years a steadily increasing demand for hand written signs has characterised architectural and retail developments across the UK and especially in the greater London region.

Brushstrokes not Keystrokes article: The Drum

April 2016 the Drum contacted me regarding an article in the pipeline… I gave them the title, mainstay interview and insight into the industry expansion today.

My response to this trend is to teach the new crop of enthusiasts the proper technique of painting letters alongside my own professional signwriting practice. Over the past 5 years I have trained dozens of students, and 4 apprentices now making their way professionally in the marketplace. It has been and continues to be an inspirational time.

NGS Signsmiths Lettering Courses

Learn how to Paint Great Letters

London writers getting you on the right hand from the start


Keeping the Craft Alive.

Teaching sheets Romans.jpg

Making London more beautiful has been an amazing journey for me… it is about to begin for you.

You can’t have success without Passion

Q. I Pirati Grafici : So what is it you want people to see in NGS today?

What is most exciting is what people see for themselves in a way that redefines me… for example working with client Dana Robertson of Neon lead me into a completely new practice of super graphics in chalkboard style… he saw something and pulled me across the horizon of new trend… when people look at what I do, I really want them to feel the pioneering drive of the emerging product development NGS are getting behind.


On final reflection all of that is fuel for the real ambition to train new artists to take the ember and burn it bright. I saw this art all but die in 1980s… I never want my artists to experience that… and guess what… a lot of signwriters today oppose my teaching of the craft so openly.  The attacks from those that should know Better drive me on.

So yes, my drive is for passing on all of my brushes: real, genuine tradition is actually only ever about creating the very strongest building blocks, for the keyholding youngsters of the future.

Chalk line snapping 001


Karis Matic Marking out, design and drafting – the first core step, morning 1

May NGS Letterhead signwriting course 005

The Secret workings of letters – morning 1

Script loops ovals and variations - Copy


Never underestimate your own ingenuity – believe ‘n do

Of course you are… you’re gonna go out there and make the difference… a new signwriter…

Posted by Nick Garrett on Sunday, 20 March 2016

Passing on the brush – 2 Days of Training & Inspiration

I’m Nick Garrett, a traditional London signwriter, author, designer and typographer pretty much single handedly on a mission to share everything I know. Why so?

By sharing with you, this craft will thrive.

Traiani Venetion Renaissence 72

The start-up student inspires 

The course I teach is a 360 planned, step by step and takes you from the beginner stage to actually crafting letters in 2 days.

Pretty simple really – have some fun on the brush and work hard.

Once you all get started getting you to stop for lunch is an art in itself!




Book a place and learn to paint letters


Better Painted Letters NGS London Signwriting school

Let’s get you painting

Firstly you must know that it doesn’t matter if you have never done this before… and absolute beginner is absolutely fine, as I have all the brushes and equipment here in the studio. So all you need to to is arrive and I’ll get you started with a notebook in hand.

These pages: Because this is so important to me the pages are a fair scroll – apologies but there is so much to share and on the day it fits a concise pathway. 2 years delivering great courses and keeping the clarity and focus of being a successful New Sign-artist.

B stroke play 72

It’s a steep and fascinating learning curve… the first bit I’ll be sharing right alongside you!

New Gen Video cover

P48 - 49 Nick's Iphone 5 Oct 15-Feb 16 063 - Copy

Lots of resources… a stack of learning material! Designed to get you on site.

Brush it up!



The techniques shared will make you a proper signwriter from go.

I have put together this comprehensive starter Signwriting course that actually suits all levels from beginner to returning pro. It’s so logical it’s scary!

 4 Keystrokes:  The concise NGS strokeplay that makes it all work.

 3 Faced:  Typefaces you must learn because they are the chosen, turnkey design industry styles.

 4 Ways of Sharp Corners:  An assured way of making it perfect every time.

 4 Ways of Spacing:  Again a solid breakdown of how to sort kerning in the bag.

You will receive a certificate of completion

NGS certificate Sign Painter Training London




Photography Iona Wolff

”Occasionally you take part in something that alters the course of your life. I’m not talking total transformation, more like crossing over a road to be in the sunshine. The change happens quickly, you observe it taking effect. Your eyes and heart open, you see things with clarity and meaning, the new experiences create a new, more beautiful, reality and suddenly the path ahead looks different.   

It happened to me this weekend when I learnt to hand paint letters. 

Katie’s Blog





Keeping this craft alive.

Special thanks to Noel Weber, Dave Smith, Perry, Chloe Garrett’s great camera and brush skills, Jack Hollands, Tobias Newbigin and Hannah Matthews for continually inspiring their mentor/brother.

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