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On Track: Learning Signwriting

From the first moments of the course you will know you are in the right place to learn this craft. I focus everything I do to make those first moments in everything we do, set up and remain unforgettable, in the right way.

Nick Garrett

the revival is over - now we have another heyday

A New Heyday of crafted letters

Overview of truly work orientated Signwriting training, in its newest form.

A fair amount has been written about the recent resurgence in interest in the craft of signwriting. In the past 5 years a steadily increasing demand for hand written signs has characterised architectural and retail developments across the UK.

My response to this trail blazing trend is to teach the new crop of lettering enthusiasts the proper technique of painting letters alongside my own professional signwriting practice – but to teach it in a completely new way… as it should be taught in working parts, that can be applied immediately.

I am starting to see more spam advertising by the vinyl industry as they feel the impact of REAL artistic writing once again. Soon writers will engulf what has been a sell out of signage quality over the past 30 years. Those days are over – we are back.

This course is also structured to a new Diploma Foundation Level 04 study, rolling out in February 2017.  It means you can gain real qualifications on the back of assessments and solid practice with a course designed by NGS to work.

New Generation Signwriting – NGS

Over the past 5 years I have trained dozens of students, and 4 full time apprentices, all now making their way professionally in UK. It has been and continues to be an inspirational time giving people the essential skills to change their lives.


A Workshop that 

suits everyone

If you would like all the info message be here and I will get straight back to you, Nick.

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…a beginner may, in a very short time, not only become a practical sign writer. but also make a SNUG SUM OF MONEY.

There is not trade or profession in the world that offers such opportunities as does SIGNWRITING.

Master the art and you may travel from one end of the earth to another.

THE SILENT SIGNWRITER. Unknown Author, 1947

NGS Signsmiths Lettering Courses

Learn how to Paint Great Letters


Keeping the Craft Alive.

Sign painting Courses for all in UK and now Italy



Never underestimate your own ingenuity – believe ‘n do


Book a place and learn to paint great letters


Keeping this craft alive.

Special thanks to Noel Weber, Dave Smith, Perry, Chloe Garrett’s great camera and brush skills, Jack Hollands, Tobias Newbigin, Kevin Roberts, Chloe Tickner and Hannah Matthews for continually inspiring their mentor/brother.

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